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TitleSubtitleAuthorFormatCall No.
NarutoVol. 3, Bridge of CourageKishimoto, MasashiGraphic NovelGRAPHIC NOVEL KIS VOL 15
The Legend of Zelda1, Ocarina of TimeHimekawa, AkiraGraphic NovelJ HIME
Dog ManGrime and PunishmentPilkey, DavGraphic NovelJ FIC PILK#
Dog ManFor Whom the Ball RollsPilkey, DavGraphic NovelGN J PIL
Dog Man: UnleashedPilkey, DavGraphic NovelJ GR NVL PILK
AmuletBook One, The StonekeeperKibuishi, KazuGraphic NovelJ KIBU
AmuletBook Two, The Stonekeeper's CurseKibuishi, KazuGraphic NovelJ GN KIB
The Stonekeeper's CurseKibuishi, KazuGraphic NovelOnline Resource
Dog Man And Cat KidPilkey, DavGraphic NovelJ 741 PIL
Dog ManLord of the FleasPilkey, DavGraphic NovelJ PILK
Sunny Rolls the DiceHolm, Jennifer L.Graphic NovelJ GR NVL HOLM
Dog ManFetch-22Pilkey, DavGraphic NovelJ GR NVL PILK
Dog ManBrawl of the WildPilkey, DavGraphic NovelJ SERIES DOG
The Baby-sitters Club1. Kristy's Great IdeaMartin, Ann M.Graphic NovelJG FIC MART BABYSITTERS CLUB SERIES #1
The Truth About StaceyTelgemeier, RainaGraphic NovelJG FIC MART BABYSITTERS CLUB SERIES #2
Unicorn on A RollAnother Phoebe and Her Unicorn AdventureSimpson, DanaGraphic NovelJ GN SIM 2
SistersTelgemeier, RainaGraphic NovelJ GR NVL TELG
DramaTelgemeier, RainaGraphic NovelYA GR NVL TELG
DramaTelgemeier, RainaGraphic NovelJUV GRAPHIC TEL
Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor PoopypantsThe Fourth Epic NovelPilkey, DavGraphic NovelJ FIC PILK
DramaTelgemeier, RainaGraphic NovelOnline Resource
The InvasionApplegate, KatherineGraphic NovelJ GR NVL ANIM
Baby-sitters Little Sister2, Karen's Roller SkatesFarina, KatyGraphic NovelJ GR NVL BABY
Stepping StonesKnisley, LucyGraphic NovelJ GR NVL KNIS
CampMiller, KaylaGraphic NovelJ FIC MILL=
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