Apr 04, 2015
Amazing book! Ellen Hopkins is truly an amazing author.The book Glass that i have just finished reading is probably one of my favorite books ever at the moment. Kristina Snow is continuing with the struggle of her drug addiction as well as her new born son. A single mom, at 16 on to of that. In this book we learn so much more about Kristina and the new drugs she tries to take on to help cope during her difficult times. Usually I’m not a big fan of books in a series but this book really changed my perspective. It continued the story line the first book but at the same added such a new twist which kept it very exciting. This is the sort of book that can have u making so many different predictions but it is rare that any of the predictions will come true. i read this book as a part of one of my english classes book club and overtime me group and I would get together our discussions would be over the top. We had so much to say and so little time to say it. This just proves that Glass by Ellen Hopkins is a book that is out of this world. i assume that the target audience for this book is probably teenagers (Girls) 13 and up. Some of the subjects that are dealt with in this book are pretty mature such as drugs. I didn’t read this book until i was in grade nine. At the same time it is really an eye opener because it shows how real all these subjects and situations are in this world. If you are a teenage girl looking for a good read Glass is the way to go.