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Feb 04, 2020originaladream rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
Wadjda is a shrewd business negotiator/entrepreneur free spirited girl. She's born in a different era yet ruled over by two who live traditional/contradictory lives. Wadjda's school's principal and mother do their best to instill traditional, proper, Muslim womanly etiquette in Wadjda but Wadjda lives unapologetic, respectful, and unafraid. Wadjda is not intimidated by men and at such an age, she unlike her principal and mother, has received a proposal for marriage. The take-away of this film is that Wadjda is the new face of her country. No more will women be intimidated and run from men who make cat calls, stare, and speak loudly at them. Wadjda gives no man power over her. With an unveiled face, Wadjda presents a posture of courage, does not shudder in the presence of men, and gets what she wants.