Jan 29, 2019lukasevansherman rated this title 3.5 out of 5 stars
I was initially reluctant to see this movie because it was directed by mumblecore prince Andrew Bujalski, and I've disliked everything I've seen by him ("Computer Chess," "Mutual Appreciation," "Funny Ha Ha"). But it's ended up on a bunch of best of the year lists and Regina Hall's performance has gotten a lot of praise. I was pleasantly surprised. Hall is tender and touching as the beleaguered manager of a Hooters-like bar called Double Whammies. The film unfolds over the course of one particularly bad day. Bujalski's direction is subtle and thoughtful and he rightly lets his performers, who also include Haley Lu Richardson, rapper Junglepussy, and James LeGros as the callow manager, run the show. Without being preachy or political, it touches on a number of current issues like sexism, class, and crappy jobs. It's a small film but one of my favorites of the year.