Apr 18, 2018SPPL_Teens rated this title 3.5 out of 5 stars
This is an important addition to the diverse voices in YA literature. The voice belongs to Maya, an Indian-American Muslim high school senior. She lives in a largely white suburban community and, initially, Maya does not deal with the effects of abject discrimination in her her every day life. The beginning of the book instead shows Maya's struggle with breaking from her family traditions to pursue a more independent life - her family attempts to set her up with a Muslim man while she is actually interested in a white classmate, for example. Weaved into the coming-of- age narrative is the voice of a terrorist who is plotting an attack on a location near Maya's hometown. The attack brings to light the fears of those around her and it is this fear and hatred that darkens Maya's otherwise normal life of falling in love, navigating friendship, and applying for college. This book is definitely worth reading, however I wished that the events seemed more authentic and not quite so "plucked from the headlines", while Maya's story contain more depth and perhaps even more grittiness.