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GummiGirl moved a title to their Completed shelf May 07 2021
"In May of 1945, German forces surrendered to the Allied powers, effectively putting an end to World War II in Europe. But the aftershocks of this global military conflict did not cease with the signing of truces and peace treaties. Millions of...
GummiGirl made a comment May 07 2021
"An important book touching on many aspects of postwar history: the persistence of antisemitism, the founding of Israel, the many impacts of the Cold War, and the prosecution (or not) of Nazi war criminals among them." Permalink
GummiGirl made a comment May 04 2021
"A fast moving story with lots of references to contemporary Portland, and a point to make about folks being priced out." Permalink
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May 02 2021
"Kolbert leaves no stone unturned in her review of things happening now and what is to come as man seeks to control nature. We journey with her on the Chicago River and its manmade problems and solutions to Louisiana levees built to curtail rising ..." Permalink
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