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FabulouslyWeird added a title to their For later shelf Sep 24 2018
This abridged edition makes the Freud/Jung correspondence accessible to a general readership at a time of renewed critical and historical reevaluation of the documentary roots of modern psychoanalysis. This edition reproduces William McGuire's...
FabulouslyWeird made a comment Sep 11 2018
"This book is one of those treasures you can find among the historical fiction that is a great mix of history, and fiction creating a story that comes alive off the pages as you read. The characters are so engaging with a blend of their personal th..." Permalink
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Sep 11 2018
"I enjoyed reading this book and will certainly read more in this series. Overall, the book is a quick read and the plot moved along at a nice pace. Before reading this book, I knew nothing about Bavaria in 1659. The author does a nice job of descr..." Permalink
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FabulouslyWeird made a comment Sep 04 2018
"This story is wonderful. It is a winding tale of how someone who has been completely defeated by her life has found the strength, imagination, and courage to start anew. To meet the woman at the beginning with life emptied out of her completely to..." Permalink
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