Douglas Adams wrote this book.

Need I say more?

Okay, okay, If you really must know, Douglas Adams may have been under the influence of Aliens when he wrote this book. After all, he predicted some of the technology we are just now beginning to see in real life. For example, one of the characters has a watch which she uses to watch tv on. Ever seen the new ipod nano? Yep, it can be worn as a watch.

Back to the book. The Guide offices have been taken over but by who? Ford Prefect aims to find out who the mystery beings are behind the acquisition of the Guide. And his quest leads him to the sinister truth: Vogons.

But what do the Vogons have planned? Why the Guide? And what exactly happened to Arthur Dent? And more importantly, what has Trillian been up to?

Like a perfectly made sandwhich, this story is made to satisfy. And speaking of sandwhiches, I think I will go acquire one.

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