Wow. I'm so impressed with this book. This book will leave you thinking about it long after you've read it. A really good read, humerous at times, and told in a way that makes you feel you are right there, with the author. I recommend for everyone especially those in a country where wolves exist or have lived.

I didn't grow up with a prejudice for or against wolves but with more of a distant respect held for any wild creature. However I'm very much aware of how wolves get to play the bad guys in fairy tales and see how prejudice against them can be ingrained from an early age.

More than 50 yrs later, this book proves how our ignorance and prejudice is still misplaced. In this, it is a wake up call for us and our government's shameful treatment of these creatures. This is particularly so in BC and Alberta where ongoing low population of caribou due to human disturbance and habitat fragmentation is being blamed on wolves i.e. resolving one species problem by eliminating another instead of looking to us people as being the problem.

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