The Keto Reset Diet
The Keto Reset Diet Reboot your Metabolism in 21 Days and Burn Fat Forever By Sisson, Mark Book - 2017

Compelled with curiosity stirred by a couple of friends who are following a ketogenic diet, I eagerly read this comprehensive introduction to the diet. The book covers the science behind the plan, offers recipes (that sound fantastic!) and addresses tips and troubleshooting.

What struck me throughout is how entrenched my ideas of nutrition are, probably thanks to a lifetime of Weight Watchers indoctrination (e.g., sugar and fat are bad, carbs from veggies and fruits--within reason--are good). Keto espouses a high fat, moderate protein and very low carbohydrate (20g a day if rather sedentary; 50g if active) formula as well as intermittent fasting (a compressed eating schedule). The carb limit is so low that, for the most part, a piece of fruit would send me over my carbohydrate limit for the day. The jury's out as to whether I will try this. A good book though!

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