This is an incredible book, one of the best that I've read. Mieville reads like the hyperliterate child of Philip K. Dick and Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. He uses words and ideas in new ways, like fiction is supposed to do. The world-building in this novel is simply incredible, and his descriptions make New Crobuzon almost palpable. You can almost feel it, smell it.

In a world full of vampire books, Mieville has either pulled from more obscure legends (like the garuda) or created his own weird creatures (like the khepri), and in both cases, he has humanized them in a way that few authors bother. He develops even his "monsters" more than many authors develop their main characters.

This book is, simply put, epic. I devoured it and then recommended it to everyone I knew. I may end up having to buy another copy, as mine is getting so worn from lending. If you're interested in reading something out of the ordinary, I highly recommend this book.

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