The Complete Fourth Season

DVD - 2015
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In her new role as a CIA station chief, Carrie convinces Saul and Quinn to help her hunt down one of the world's most dangerous terrorists. But when Carrie recruits a young Pakistani as an asset, the lines between right and wrong blur and the operation spins out of control. Facing unclear loyalties at every turn, Carrie must take extreme measures and risk everything to protect her country.


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Nov 18, 2018

We started this series a few weeks ago and on season 4 already. Compulsed to watch, it is like a 60 hour movie that keeps getting interrupted, but you just want it to keep going. I guess 60 hours in one spot would be a bit too much, but as each episode raps up one does not want to think about the late hour or how sedentary one has been. Just hit play and keep it going! Claire Danes won my heart in 'Temple Grandin" where she plays an autistic woman and continues to out-do herself.

Aug 28, 2018

I totally agree. After Season 3 the wait was so long for Season 4 that I spaced it. I saw Season 6 on the shelf and grabbed it. I was lucky to get Seasons 4 and 5 right away. No doubt, it pulled me right back in. Sometimes I want to slap Carrie in the head but I admit her strong will is rarely wrong. She's fearless and definitely has a pair.

Jul 25, 2017

Felt burnt out on this series after Series Three. But as I was passing by the DVD rack I spied Series Four and decided to take it out. Glad I did -- very suspenseful and with circumstances changed; interest came back into the storyline. Claire Danes is amazing in this role and is very believable as an almost crazy person!

Dec 10, 2016

I thought the show would have been hurt with the loss of Damian Lewis but it hasn't hurt at all. Claire Danes continues to be one of the best actresses going and the stories continue to lure the audience in. The show does go a tad '24' at one specific point but thankfully when called into action certain characters do not show a sudden acumen at being action stars but in a way that's believeable struggle in a siege situation just to shoot a gun right! Well done and I look forward to watching the next season.

May 05, 2016

I have really enjoyed this series! It's exciting and makes you see a bigger picture of our reality. I am very curious how Carrie will react to more family situations with her child. I feel worry every time she holds her child, ha, like a hood will cover her head/black screen/baby crying in distance! It is nice to be introduced to new characters and watch the interplay and development of new story lines. The ISI guy was on a really good brit spy show called MI-5.

Apr 11, 2016

As great as the first three seasons were, Season Four was even better. Absolutely riveting. I am so looking forward to Season Five. The wait will be unbearable, I think.

Feb 15, 2016

Nov 8(9) 2016.......Well, I have waited since Feb (it's now Nov.) for this, and although I need a bit of a refresher course for the first three seasons, I was able to be wrapped up in this season right from the beginning. Starting with episode 5, the edge of the seat syndrome started again, and I can see I will probably miss a few hours of sleep because of this show. I am forcing myself to hit the hay tonight, it's now 1:45 am, and I really want to hit that play button again to start episode 6.....but I won't!??.......will I? NOOOOOOO........stayed up till 3am watching 2 more episodes. I am just weak!......Nov 10, midnight, I love the face acting in this show. Saul is so good, for a hairy old guy! I'm halfway through my 3rd episode today, with 2 more to go after that. Not going to watch them today....I hope!......Anyway for any of you out there in Chinook Arch Library System, with a hold on the 4 dvd copies, there is an available blu-ray copy not being used. Might want to check that out if you have a blu-ray player.

ravenheart Dec 04, 2015

The 4th season started kind of slow for me, and I almost didn't even keep watching, but it picked-up nicely somewhere around episode 5. Waiting 4 or 5 episodes to really draw the viewer in is pretty crappy writing, and the show is gonna lose viewers if they do it again next season. It does get better though, so stick it out if you happen to find the start of the season as flat as I did.

cyber14853ns Oct 14, 2015

After watching Season 4 (in Oct 2015) it's still not too late to say ("predict") that Brody is NOT dead. It's probably a fake hanging.
Just look at his feet (and calves) at end of Season 3.
No dead person hangs like that !
Brody will be back , but not as an hallucination.

Oct 13, 2015

Like season 3, a bit slow to develop but went into ultra high gear pretty quick and time to holler, worry and fret at the good/bad guys on the screen. However, disappointed that the entire final episode offered nothing but one anticlimactic set up for season five. Oh well.

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Oct 13, 2015

Adal: What if I told you I can put your name back on the short list to replace him?
Saul: I'd say you were having a major senior moment.
Saul: Well, what makes you think he'll keep his word?
Adal: Why anyone keeps their word. Because it's in their self-interest. Plus... he offered a show of good faith. And let's face it, not every choice we make is blessed with moral clarity. Especially in our business. What's that line? "We are the no-men of no-man's-land."
Adal: Menachem Begin killed 91 British soldiers at the King David Hotel before becoming prime minister.
Saul: You know what this conversation is? Sedition.

Oct 13, 2015

Spoiler alert, hard to find good quotes without possibility of given something away to smart readers:

Saul: If we'd known in 2001 we were staying in Afghanistan this long, we'd have made some very different choices. Right? Instead, our planning cycles
rarely looked more than 12 months ahead. So it hasn't been a 14-year war
we've been waging, but a one-year war waged 14 times. I think we're walking away with the job half done.
Professor: Strategically, United States concerns about the endgame in Afghanistan, Islamabad's persistent attachment to violent extremist groups and the fact that Pakistan may lurch into greater internal instability-- thus threatening the security of its nuclear arsenal-- all means that an easy alliance between our two countries is not in the cards anytime soon. So why bother? Why don't the US and Pakistan stop driving each other mad and break ties altogether?

Oct 13, 2015

Spoiler Alert:
Saul: It's not like when we were fighting the Cold War. No, the Russians were tough, but... They didn't saw our heads off on the internet. Blow up innocent people. Fly airplanes into the Twin Towers.
Khan: Come on, Saul.
Saul: What?
Khan: We both know 9/11 was a hoax. An Israeli-American excuse to launch a crusade against the Muslim world.
Saul: Honestly, I don't know what to say when I hear men of your deep
knowledge and experience talk like that.
-President Bush lied about Iraq. Why not 9/11?
Saul: Because it's nonsense.
Khan: Oh...
Saul: Like saying Bin Laden's not dead.
General Bunny: It's over, Saul. You have lost. The Americans are being driven out of Afghanistan just like the Russians were. The Taliban has won
and they know it. And they will dictate the terms of the settlement.

Oct 13, 2015

Ambassador: We almost got married once. … We were young, we were stupid, it was Beirut. Thank God we came to our senses.
-The Americans, they're murderers, okay?
Aayan: But what we did to that man, how is that any different?
Saul: Tyranny of secrets.
Carrie: The tyranny of keeping them.
Man said: Well, since you asked, what I said was, "When she gets on a scale, it says, 'One at a time, please.'"
Carrie: I guess you didn't get my message.
Harris: I guess you didn't get mine.
… Harris: What I mean is, I don't want to talk about it with you or anyone else.

Oct 13, 2015

The brief encounter:

Landlady: They're called Dip 'Ems. One of the major food groups where I grew up, and I got addicted. I know, you're all shocked. You don't say much, do you?
Quinn: I'd rather listen to you.
Landlady: You got some charm working there. I'm sure I'm not the first to say that.

Landlady: Do you have any marketable skills?
Quinn: Marketable? I don't know.
Landlady: Any skills?
Quinn: Not really.
Landlady: Do you have a degree?
Quinn: You mean, like, a college, grad school thing?
Landlady: Yeah, generally that's what it means.
Quinn: No.
… Landlady: Really? I'm shocked… You seem... sophisticated. With your half gallon of schnapps there, of course.
Landlady: I went to the store, you know. There's, um...a, uh, roast chicken in the fridge and some eggs and cereal, you know, to go along
with your liquid diet.


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