Zoo: Season One

Zoo: Season One

DVD - 2015
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A team of people including experts on animal behavior, law enforcement, and journalism work together to stop the spread of a pandemic causing all animals in the world to attack humans.
Publisher: 2015.
Hollywood, California : Paramount, [2015]
Characteristics: 4 videodiscs : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
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Jan 08, 2016

NARRATOR: For centuries, mankind has been the dominant species. We've domesticated animals, locked them up, killed them for sport. But what if all across the globe, the animals decided, "No more"? What if they finally decided to fight back?

The Team of Five:
from different backgrounds, with different specialties. An expert in animal behavior, a journalist, safari guide, foreign intelligence agent, and a veterinary pathologist.

Jan 08, 2016

Abraham: He's always asking, "Why?" Why is the sky blue? Why does the plane fly? Why does the lion roar? Me, I'm a man of pleasure. I prefer "when." When is my next meal? When is my next drink? When is my next woman?
Jackson: And I prefer "how," as in how will I get you to stop talking?

Jackson: I've been thinking about what you once told me about the URA.
Abraham: The rebel army. Yes, what of them?
Jackson: You said that when they raid a village, they all go in single file so as to only leave one set of footprints. So that no one would ever know how many of them had been present at the attack. Yeah?
Abraham: Yes. So?
Jackson: Well, what if... What if it wasn't one lion in Simon's camp that scared everybody off, but many? In single file.
Abraham: Sure. And they all played musical chairs.

Jan 08, 2016

Jackson: Chloe, I can't think of anything that I want to do less than climb out of this car.
Chloe: So do not! Free will is what separates us from the animals! Free will and this truck!

Ranger: We go through this every time there's a prolonged dry season. The herbivores go searching to quench their thirst in places they shouldn't. The big cats follow and sometimes people get hurt.
Jackson: This isn't normal dry-season wandering and you know that.
Ranger: This entire town... This entire region exists because people want to see the lions! You exist because the people want to see the lions!

Land lady’s son: You like soft-shell crab?
Jamie: Dude, I'd rather sleep in the street.

Mitch: Don't forget, your papers are due Friday. On which is the greater motivator, hormones or pheromones

Jan 08, 2016

Jamie: I know I shouldn't have lied to you, but I did it for a good reason.
Mitch: Yeah. That's the problem with you. Your "good reason" barometer is on the fritz.

Mitch: Senator, I did my grad school thesis on the inverse proportionality of taxidermy wall mounts to their owners' penis size. My condolences to your wife.

Abraham: I remember my Uncle Tebogo's old African saying: "Once you get off on the wrong foot, you land on an even wronger one."
Jackson: You don't have an Uncle Tebogo, Abe.
Abraham: If I did, I am sure he would have said that.

Jackson: Wolf feces. See, the wolves are pack animals. So the alpha, or leader, leaves scat for the rest of the pack to follow. But I don't see scat anywhere. So not only do we have an unmotivated wolf attack, we have a leaderless wolf attack.
Jamie: So wolf poop is called "scat"?
Jackson: It is.

Jan 08, 2016

Abraham: Ah. You have an ex. It's good to know. Some might assume you were incapable of deep human contact.
Mitch: Yeah, my ex would be one of those.

Jamie: What? What is it?
Mitch: Looks like a type of Alcanivorax bacteria. The kind they use to clean up oil spills. Eats hydrocarbons.
Jamie: Okay, well, how'd it wind up in the blood of a wolf?
Mitch: The usual way. It went from a primary consumer all the way to a tertiary consumer.
Jamie: Professor, remember your audience. I spent every one of my science classes thinking about my English homework.
Mitch: The food web. Chain reaction. [SINGING] There was an old lady who swallowed a cat. She swallowed the cat to catch the bird. She swallowed the bird to catch the spider … That wiggled and jiggled and tickled inside her. She swallowed the spider to catch the fly …

Jamie: Bruxing?
Mitch: It's the sound they make when they grind their incisors.

Jan 08, 2016

Mitch: Bat fact number one. … Their wings are actually webbed fingers. Bat fact number two. The phrase "blind as a bat," kind of a misnomer. I mean, they don't see too well, but same can be said for some of us, right? … Bat fact number three. Apparently, it's worse than we thought.

Abraham: Oh, please. You see the way he looked at her? Like he'd been wandering the Sahara Desert for five years and she was a lake of root beer.

Mitch: All right, are you guys familiar with the trophic scale? … The trophic scale is an index of where everything falls on the food chain. Apex predators are a five. They're at the top. Sharks, tigers, birds of prey. Predators that eat other predators. Humans, contrary to popular belief, are only a 2.2. Alongside pigs and anchovies. … Now, only two things allow us to behave like fives. Our ability to reason... And our technology.

Jamie: Two weeks ago, my idea of danger was... rush hour on the 405.

Jan 08, 2016

Chloe: You know how many law enforcement officers there are in this country? About a million. You know how many dog lovers there are?
Jackson: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Chloe: Eighty-five million. Look. I posted this to every social media site and local app I could find. "Looking for the man who killed my golden retriever and drove off in a green pickup. Louisiana plates start with KLL. Last seen: Mobile, Alabama."

Mitch: Sleuth.
- Pardon?
Mitch: A pack of bears is called a sleuth.

Abraham: ...that I must choose... which of my two brothers I should kill. And I was told... that if I did not shoot one of them, then they would both be killed. I looked into the eyes of my baby brothers. So sweet, so gentle. And I knew from that moment that they were both condemned. You see, one of them would die, but the other, like me, would be turned into an animal. *** SPOILER ALERT *** So I made the only decision I could. I chose neither. And I sent them both to a better place.

Jan 08, 2016

Chloe: You're asking us to trust you?
Mitch: I'm asking you to call my character into question at a later date.

Wilson (a reporter:) Jamie, how are you?
Jamie: I have a story for you. I'm in Boston.
Wilson: A story for me. Why do you have a story for me and not a story for you?

Abraham: His group calls themselves the Free Animal Rights Militia. F.A.R.M.

Abraham: Ray is a magnet for trouble. If trouble needs a place to stay for the night, it will usually find a room with Ray Endicott.

Abraham: If the ububa leaves don't keep the animals away, I'm sure your singing will.

Abraham: We have to drive through the Ndube Army's territory.
Jamie: The Ndube Army? I'm guessing that's not a real army, right?
Abraham: Far from it. Think of a African Hells Angels. Except instead of motorcycles and leather jackets, they have rifles and machetes.

Abraham: Well, you will figure it out. You're Jackson Oz. Coming up with solutions is in your blood.

Jan 08, 2016

Jamie: Is that why you dropped out of med school?
Mitch: No. I never liked hospitals. But I think it was the patients that finally did me in. Will you hand me one of those cuvettes over there?
Jamie: Which one?
Mitch: The square tube with the lid on it. I didn't hate the patients. I just... Hated their pain. Their tears. And their families' tears. You shut down your emotions for long enough, you don't want to spend all day with somebody else's.

Jackson: That little boy in there, the only thing that mattered to him was his brother. And I've been a lousy brother. I made some dangerous choices.
Abraham: You tried to give your life for me. It was a dangerous choice, but a good brother.

Mitch: And the thing that made her a good reporter was that she understood tenacity and compassion don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Goldy: That's the difference between us and the animals.
Jackson: What's that, huh? That we're arrogant?
Goldy: No. We're stupid.


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Jun 01, 2018

I have to agree with "trudge" however it was entertaining. I will watch season 2 and hopefully make it through the movie.

Jun 14, 2017

Occasionally fun but mostly just bad television. I won't be bothering with Season 2.

Jan 08, 2016

The screen writer, actors and directors did an excellent job to make the stories and characters come to life, much improved over the unpolished thriller novel with the same name by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge. Look forward to season two.


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