A Short Guide to A Happy Life

A Short Guide to A Happy Life

Book - 2000
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Apr 30, 2020

Short is an excellent descriptor. This little book only took me fifteen minutes to read. There was nothing particularly new or profound in it, yet the flow of Quindlen's prose was such that it was a very readable little essay. The takeaway, to be present and attentive, is stated in multiple ways. The imagery is vivid. I think the author does an excellent job of encouraging the reader to live a life more present, and more aware of the beauty in it. I read it twice in short succession, and think it is a read one could return to again and again, when in need of encouragement and refreshment.

Jul 19, 2017

"Knowledge of our own mortality is the greatest gift God ever gives us," Quindlen writes, "because unless you know the clock is ticking, it is so easy to waste our days, our lives." This little book brought some giant nuggets into my life and living! I came across this as recommended by Sheryl Sandberg!

Aug 16, 2016

I've probably read this more times than any other book, in part because it is so short. You can expect to spend 15 minutes or less reading it. Though everything in this little gem may not ring true for you, there's bound to be something that will resonate.

mawls Mar 24, 2014

If you like advice about working less and appreciating the world around you more, this book will be right up your alley. While work and a profession is important, in this short read, Quindlen focuses on the rest of life and what you're missing if you're not paying attention. This book would be good for recent graduates or people who are getting run down by the rat race.

Dec 07, 2010

Beautiful prose, wonderful, down to earth advice - what a great combination!

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