The Constant Gardener

The Constant Gardener

A Novel

Book - 2001
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Aug 04, 2019

Excellent writing. First one of La Carre's I have read which is not about MI5 and Smiley. Somewhat exaggerated narrative of big bad Pharma and idealistic activist heroines but quite gripping.

Nov 28, 2012

Tessa Quayle and Dr. Bluhm are murdered in the African landscape, was it due to there involvement together? Or they were following a trail to a drug cover up? Get to know the cast of British foreign officers and their partners, while they try and get on with their lives and all H-E-L-L breaks loose. The unfolding of the story was written well and changing POVs always made you question intentions and/or hidden adgendas. Too bad the ending wasn't my cup of tea.

Dec 07, 2011

The copy I got was badly scratched and couldn't be listened to. I hope the OPL cleans up these CDs.

Sep 27, 2011

The book jacket description for this title begins with the words, "Frightening, heartbreaking, and exquisitely calibrated, John le Carré's new novel opens with the gruesome murder of the young and beautiful Tessa Quayle near northern Kenya's Lake Turkana, the birthplace of mankind." Unfortunately, I found the book to be neither frightening nor heartbreaking. If "exquisitely calibrated" is synonymous with well-written, then I suppose this part of the description can be considered true. I thought the plot to be quite boring, however, and gave up the reading of it when about 1/3 of the way into it. Most of the action to this point took place in Nairobi and Lake Turkana was only mentioned as the scene of the crime. My mother tells me that le Carré's earlier books are much better (she used to read everything he wrote until this title, after which reading she stopped reading his new works), so I won't write him off as a writer until I've read one of his earlier spy novels.

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